About us

We work with professional knowledge in short time and we always comply with the actual rules. We are reliable and work with taking the customer's interest into account.

In 2006 our company has obtained MSZ EN ISO 9001-2001 qualification. Our work is done according to a controlled process, within a two-staged supervision.

EWZ Ltd. has never paid quality, default penalty or indemnity and has never been ordered to do so in any legal or other procedure. In addition the company never had any onerous titles related to matured capital.

Professional liability insurance

OTP Garancia Insurance Ltd.: 25 million Forints/damage

Professional corporate membership

  • Chamber of Hungarian Judiciary Experts
  • Hungarian Real Estate Association
  • Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (register: engineering and real estate expertise)

Equipment, infrastructure

  • Round the clock reception service
  • ADSL internet access
  • digital photo cameras
  • laser distance measure
  • colour printers
  • up to date software usage

Professional background

Two of our leading experts are in possess of degrees and of the highest level expert qualification, with a more than 7 year old practice in banking appraisal and with a qualification for real estate valuation.

Beatrix Foreth

  • Ybl Miklós Academy of Technology: High-building engineer
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics: Building industry judiciary engineer
  • Füti Omega intermediate value estimator, 8/1990. (II.1.) on the list according to regulations of the Ministry of Inner Affairs
  • Registered leading appraiser according to the list of the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Registered Judiciary Real Estate expert according to the list of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement

Barnabás Szegner

  • University of Miskolc - Institute of Business Science: economist
  • Corvinus University of Budapest: Real Estate specialized economist
  • Füti Omega, OKJ number 54343902, intermediate appraiser qualification
  • Registered leading appraiser according to the list of the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority


The number of people working with us is seven. The more errands we run the more sub-contractors join our team.

The work is done under supervision and it follows the previously prepared guidelines of the process. The supervisors that are the two leading real estate experts and the economic leader help the work of the employees.

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